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The 2013 Rothermel Reunion is scheduled for September 21 at the Kutztown Grange Hall.
Go to Reunion Page for more information.

Rothermel coat of arms
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Rothermel Coat of Arms
Adopted by the Rothermel Association in 1988

Since its origin and authenticity cannot be verified, it is not to be considered an original arms from Europe.

The legend of
the Rothermel name

The Rothermel name goes back nearly 800 years. The derivation comes from the words "red sleeve" or "rot Armel." The legend is that a couragous soldier earned the Rothermel name because his sleeves were red from the blood of the enemy.

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The Rothermel Family Association was founded in 1934 from early family reunions held in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Today it is a non-profit organization that strives to honor those who came before and left us a heritage of which to be proud,
Point 1 by researching the family's history to better understand the family's heritage and its contributions to history,
Point 2 by fostering relationships between the descendants of the Rothermels who immigrated to America, and
Point 3 by recording the history and lineage of those ancestors and their descendants.

"A family tree can wither if nobody tends it's roots." Author unknown


Variations of the Rothermel Name

The spelling of the Rothermel name has not been consistant over the centuries. The inconsistancy in spelling is due to the recording of German names on passenger lists, tax lists and census enumerations. The German pronunciations were unfamiliar to the ears of the colonists who were recording them. The following are examples of the numerous spellings since the Rothermels came to these shores in 1725.

Rhoadarmer Rhodarmer Rhodearmel
Rhodehamel Roadimer Roadarmel
Roadarmour Rodarmel Rodearmel
Rodermel Rodimer Rodormer
Rodtermel Rodyrmel Rotermel
Rothaermel Rotharmel Rothermal
Rothermel Rothmel


Association Officers

The officers listed below are for the Berks County,
Pennsylvania Family Association which is the sponsor
of this Web site.

President: L. Kehl Rothermel, Phoenixville, PA
Vice President: David K. Rothermel, Schuylkill Haven, PA
Treasurer and Reunion Committee Chairman: Earl R. Rothermel,
Blandon, PA
History Committee Chairman: Stuart J. Furman, Washington, D.C.
Genealogy Committee Chairman: John Waugh, Palm Coast, Fl.
Vice President Website and Family Database Chairman:
Robert R. Rothermel, Reading, PA
Newsletter and Recording Secretary: Karen A. Rothermel, Reading, PA
    (*** deceased as of 9/24/2012)

Chaplin: Rev. Mark Rothermel, Klingerstown, PA

Family Historians and Genealogists

           Florence Heydt, Reading, PA
           John Waugh, Palm Coast, FL
           Gary Fetterolf, Richland, WA
           Dorothy G. Rothermel, Brenham, TX

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Submission Policy

The Berks County Rothermel Family Association invites descendants to submit items of interest to visitors of this site. Although we will usually let you know why we are unable to accept a submission, we reserve the right to reject or edit submissions without reason or explanation. We also reserve the right to remove previously submitted work from our Web site at any time and for any reason. We are not responsible for screening Submissions.

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